Speaking Services

Joanna Nowak, CFP®, Founder and Principal of MoneyWise Financial Advisors, is an engaging speaker who is passionate about helping women make financial well-being a vital part of self-care.

Audiences who attend her presentations walk away energized and enlightened, with tangible strategies they can apply to their financial lives immediately. Specific topics and program length may be customized from 30 minutes to two hours to meet your needs.

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Presentation topics include:

Mistakes Even
Smart Women Make

In this presentation, participants will learn how to simplify their investments for a richer life. They will learn:

– The Five Most Common Investment Mistakes Women Make (and How to Avoid Them)

– The Three Most Important Drivers of Long-Term Investment Success

– How to Know What You Can Realistically Spend In Retirement

– What You Need to Save to Get There

Take Control
of Your Money, Take
Control of Your Life

In this presentation, the audience will learn how to embrace personal finance as a vital form of self-care. They will leave this talk with an understanding of:

– The 7 Essential Building Blocks of Wealth

– The Top 10 Money Traps (and How To Get Out of Them)

– Simple Changes That Will Add Years of Enjoyment Later in Life

– What You Need to Save to Get There

– Why Retirement Planning is a Woman’s Issue